Michael Harwood

Michael Harwood is one of the UK’s most sought after private chefs, with clients on both sides of the Atlantic as well as a twice-published cookbook author.

After twenty years of cooking for the rich and famous, his first novel will be published by Kensington in 2015.
‘The Manservant’ is a contemporary tale full of scandal and romance, exploring the perennially popular subject of the master and servant relationship.



Anthony Gowers has lost his job at a high-end London Hotel and with it the massive tips and perks that come from working for the super rich. In despair, he takes the first offer that comes along, to work as the personal butler-valet and general manservant for the mysterious Lord Shanderson of Castle Beadale, deep in the Sussex countryside.

Instead of being stuck in the middle of nowhere with none of the distractions he enjoyed in London Anthony finds that Castle Beadale offers many, many diversions, not least the particular interests of (the married) Lord Shanderson himself.


Michael is working hard on his second novel and lives in the Sussex countryside with his partner and their French bulldog. But not, unfortunately, in a castle.